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Tibia Power Leveling and Tibia Gold making

This tibia guide is try to help everyone who have money problems in tibia game, get the moolah back in their Depot. Remember, this isnt for people who are levels 60+, but for mid levels, and peolpe who want to kill intermediate monsters.

Making tibia money and gaining experience is not very easy to start off with on a brand new world, but hopefully this will give you an idea of where to start and how to go about it. Hopefully, I will also give hints about how to kill the monster in question.

Each monster will be shown in this order: NAME, HOW THEY HELP THE VOCATIONS, PROS and CONS. And without further ado, the Money Makers Guide: ALL VOCATIONS: Rotworms:
These happy go lucky rotworms again. Officially THE most hunted monster in tibia, with the larva's close behind them. There is more then one reason why everybody hunts the little critters. First of all, the brilliant amount of steady income they give. Not many rotworms give no money at all, and its very rare getting only a few GP in one. With them giving a max of 32gp, all you need is a few rotworms and youve made 1K. Another good fact is that they drop maces which most NPC's buy for 30gp, which means ou can loot them nd make bag upon bag of maces. Thy also give alot of Experience, which makes the caves they live in very crowded when 35,000+ players are online.

PROS: - Good money, - Drop maces, -Good experience.

CONS: - Caves are usually full.

After killing rotwaroms for a while, an giing good skills, consider killing these monsters for good loot.



Dwarf soldiers are THE BEST for loot at this level, because they drop Dwarven Shields(100gp in Kazoordan), Crossbows (120gp at Fibula), and Battleaxes (Bought in most places, Thais mainly). These are all big money making items for the level. After making afew lootbags full of this stuff, you will be rolling in the money. It is even better if you are a premium account and have done the postman quest which means you can parcel your items back and do not have to worry about dragging your items back to the Depot, and risk getting them stolen. Dwarf Soldiers also drop a very reasonable amount of loot. There are only 2 problems. They are ONLY found in the dwarf mines if you are a Free player, so the caves are usually always packed, whther there are only 300 players on your server or 900 players. Also, Dwarf soldiers travel in packs and one can break your shielding with its Melee and bolts, becausethese monsters can hit hard.. Therefor it is handy to have a few UH to have just in case you have more than one attacking you at once.

PALADINS: {SKILLS: 40/40} ...


Guild for Fast leveling (sorcerers)

If you want to powergame, prepare to have bad magic level or prepare to use loads of resources to raise that magic level. This guide is for those who don't have a blocker, if you do just go hydras or whatever.

Level 8
Once you're out of rookgaard, go to edron, get a wand of vortex and go hunt some rotworms. Buy Light or Find person spell, and a cheap shield like dwarven shield. Use parcels or other blocking items to block the rotworms, so you don't get damaged too much. Make lootbags of swords and maces, and take all worms.

Level 12
At level 12, you should have enough money for energy strike. Your mana should heal faster than you use your wand, so use energy strike to kill rots faster.

Level 13
If there's a person selling the wand of dragonbreath for under shop price (1000gp), buy it, or just buy it from shop since it's not that much. Travel to darashia by carpet, buy intense healing (exura gran), and continue to hunt rotworms there. If there are people buying worms, sell yours, this is just a little way of getting more money.

Level 20
If you can get a team to desert quest, just join, otherwise don't waste your time, and continue to hunt and make lootbags. At this stage, you should have enough money, and try to buy the wand of cosmic energy beforehand.

Level 25
Buy a cheap weapon (Firesword/knight axe/dragon hammer on old worlds, spikesword/barbarian axe/clerical mace on new worlds), and buy the HMM spell. Hunt rotworms and make lootbags and HMMs. If you haven't bought the level 26 wand yet, just buy from npc shop.

Level 26
You should have finished the desert quest by now, if not, make a few more BPs of hmms and sell them, and get enough money for a promotion. If you also have the wand of cosmic energy, this is where you can start to level quicker. Go to a larva cave in ankrahmun, and bring your wand of cosmic energy and wand of dragonbreath. It will always take only 2 hits from the level 26 wand (larvas have 70 hp, and the wand has a minimum damage of 37), so it gives a very good mana:exp ratio. When your mana runs out, however, switch to your wand of dragonbreath, and once you have enough, switch back to the level 26 wand.

Level 28
You should get this stage relatively quickly and have quite a bit of money from the larvas. Try to buy the level 33 wand beforehand, and buy the firewave and summon creature spell...


Easy experience and GP:

When playing an advanced Knight, in AbDendriel, there is a small castle called Elven Bane. It is northwest of the Elven Fortress. In ElvenBanes basements, you will find good monsters to level on and some armor called "Chain Armor", which you can sell to the the NPC in AbDendriel for 70 GP. When you level to 20, you should be able to fight most of the monsters in the entire castle. You should at least be level10 and have the following equipment for your character to survive:
Soldier Helmet
Scale Armor2
Handed sword
Brass Legs


Leveling, and gaining gold and skills:
Note: Premium suggested.

Mages: Rune making while leveling at northwest rot worm cave, Hell-Gate using summons, party hunt on GS and Draggys. Note: For mages, train Magic to 50+ and level to 42+ and wait until you can go for Armageddon questing (after its update)

Knights: Train until 75/75 skills (Eq: Knight set, Bright Sword/Fire Axe/Skull Staff, 5 bps of uh). Hunting area: Poh, Mino kingdom, Kaz Dwarf Mines, Edron, Darashia.

Paladins: Train skills up to 78/62+ (Eq: X-bow, 500 Bolts, 2 bp of uh, Crown Set, and Boots Of Haste). Most recommended area to level up: Poh (with at least 400 bolts). Party Hunts: Poh: Knights block, while Paladin and Mages attack, Demon-Knights block, two Mages stand by to heal, three Mages SD, two paladins SD and shoot Bolts.

Use the following trick for level 8 knights training in mainland. If you go to Carlin and have a shovel, go to west exit of Calin. Starting walking north until you see a forest. When in the forest, start going northwest until you get out of it, then go north until you see a forest to the left. Note: This may be only be on your map.
When you see it, go west until you see the sea in your screen. Then, go to north to find a gray rectangle on your map. Click on it and wait your character go to it automatically. When on it, say to the NPC:

You will give 20 gp and will go to Folda. Once there, you will find many Frost Trolls. Pass the bridge until you see an hole. If it blocked, use your shovel. Go down and you will find Trolls, to the south, Minotaurs, and to the west, Rotworms, If you have good equipment and do not have a shovel, instead of going south after the bridge, go to the west and enter the first mountain that you see. There is a hole at this location that leads to Frost Trolls and Rotworms without requiring a shovel.

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