Payment of

Payment we accept :

We accept paypal , credit card, Western Union.


Useful Instructions:

  • Your billing address must match your credit card statement
  • Sales tax is included in the item - no additional taxes or shipping will be added to the order at checkout..
  • No paypal account is needed!
  • If you do have a PayPal account, use it, or use a different notification email address upon checkout.


After you click " Buy Now " , you will turn to the payment page. You can choose pay via credit card or paypal. Here is the pic :


Credit Card (Pay via credit card)

The left part is for the credit card. Please write down your information carefully. It is safe to pay via credit card here.


Paypal ( Pay via paypal ):

The right part which ask for your paypal email is for the paypal. You can pay via paypal simplely . Just log in your paypal account and pay money for your order.