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Royal Helm Arm:9 Wt:48 $15
Demon Helmet Demon Helmet Arm:10 Wt:29.5 $51
Crusader_Helmet Crusader Helm Arm:8 Wt:52 $6
Warrior Helmet Warrior Helm Arm:8 Wt:68 $4
Yalahari Mask Yalahari Mask Arm:5 Wt:35 $45
Skull Helmet Skull Helmet Arm:9 Wt:42 $24
Hat of the Mad Hat of the Mad Arm:3 Wt:7 $6
batwing hat Batwing Hat Arm:3 Wt:6 $8
Golden Armor Golden Armor Arm:14 Wt:80 $25
Blue Robe Blue Robe Arm:11 Wt:22 $7
Crown Armor Crown Armor Arm:13 Wt:99 $9
Knight Armor Knight Armor Arm:12 Wt120 $3

Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail

Arm:15 Wt:114 $20
Yalahari ArmorYalahari Armor Arm:16 Wt:70 $90
Master Archer's ArmorMaster Archer's Armor Arm:15 Wt:69 $245
Demon Armor Demon Armor Arm:16 Wt:80 $150

Magic Plate ArmorMagic Plate Armor

Arm17 Wt:85 $150
Focus CapeFocus Cape(sd) Arm:9 Wt:21 $5
Paladin ArmorPaladin Armor Arm:12 Wt:65 $12
Crown Legs Crown Legs Arm:8 Wt:65 $14
Knight Legs Knight Legs Arm:8 Wt:70 $5
Blue Legs Blue Legs Arm:8 Wt:18 $6
Golden Legs Golden Legs ARM:9 Wt:65 $45
Yalahari Leg PieceYalahari Leg Piece ARM:8 Wt:65 $85
Yalahari Leg PieceZaoan Legs (new) ARM:8 physical +2% $12.5
 Boots of Haste Increase Speed $16
Steel BootsSteel Boots Arm:3 Wt:29 $15
Pair of Soft BootsSoft Boots Fast regeneration $119
Pair of Soft BootsZaoan Shoes (new) Arm:1 speed +5 $5

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Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the DISCLAIMER, TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY

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